Question:  Are your moldings made of solid wood?

Answer:  Yes.  Our moldings are made from the finest wood available.  Even our transitions for laminate floors are made of solid hardwoods for lasting durability.

Question:  Do you have actual species or do you stain other woods to match additional species?

Answer:  We can do both–currently we stock approximately 30 different species in domestic and exotic lumber.  We manufacture to your specifications for color and species.

Question:  Can you make custom shapes to meet my needs?

Answer:  Yes.  Seneca Millwork fabricates custom tooling and can match or create profiles as needed.  Tooling is somewhat expensive so typically a quantity order is required to justify the cost.

Question:  Can you match my color?

Answer:  Seneca Millwork’s exclusive ColorMaster System offers you full color flexibility.  If we don’t already have the color needed to blend with your floor, it can be developed quickly and will be subject to your final approval.

Question:  Will the gloss levels match my flooring?

Answer:  Seneca Millwork has a wide range of gloss levels available.  In addition to providing the gloss level you prefer, we also offer specialty finishes such as antiqued, hand scraped and distressed to match your wood flooring.

Question:  Do your wood moldings carry a warranty?

Answer:  Seneca Millwork’s exclusive “Pass It On” warranty matches the coverage provided with your wood flooring. Seneca will match the warranty provided by the hardwood flooring manufacturer on any project where our hardwood transitions are used.

Question:  Do you only carry prefinished moldings or do you have unfinished moldings as well?

Answer:  We cut our profiles from rough lumber, controlling the process from start to finish for maximum quality.  All of our profiles are available prefinished or unfinished.

Question:  Is there a minimum order?

Answer:  Seneca Millwork does not have a minimum order size.  Local retail policies may vary.

Question:  How do I get a price?  Do you have a distributor in my area?

Answer:  Give us a call or send us an email (see “Contact Seneca”) and we will locate your nearest Seneca Millwork provider.

Question:  Will Seneca Millwork sell one or two pieces of moldings directly to a customer?

Answer:  No, but we will be happy to provide you with the contact information for a local distributor in your area.

Question:  How long will it take to get my material?

Answer:  All orders are processed as quickly as possible.  Stock profiles and colors are available to ship within one week.  Special order or custom products may take a little longer.