AcoustiCork is an all natural and sustainable choice in high-performance sound control for hard surface flooring. AcoustiCork has been proven effective in thousands of acoustical underlayment applications throughout the world. Whether the finished flooring is hardwood, natural stone, salve ceramic tile or a floating floor system, AcoustiCork provides a superior sound control system.

• AcoustiCork sound control underlayment is available in three sizes, a 1?4” (6mm) thick roll 48” wide x 50’ long; or in 24” x 36” sheets in 3/8” (9.5mm) or 1?2” (13mm) thicknesses.

AcoustiCork RC

• AcoustiCork RC series combines renewable cork and recycled rubber to create the ultimate sound control underlayment. Blending these two resilient materials into a single product delivers the improved low frequency acoustical performance of rubber, while the cork granules provide improved adhesion and working characteristics. The result is a high performance sound control underlayment suitable for virtually any hard surface flooring application.

• AcoustiCork RC is available in 48” wide rolls that are 3/16” (5mm) thick x 30’ long or 13/32” (10mm) thick x 15’ long.