Base Products

Part # - Product Name

Hardwood wall base is crafted to make a decorative transition between floors and walls, covering the expansion space between them to give a finished look.  Our standard Colonial wall base is available in 7/16” and 9/16” thicknesses and is 78” in length.  Streamline wall base is 7/16” thick and 78” in length.  Contact us for information about custom base designs.

Base shoe and quarter round are used to cover the expansion space between flooring and a vertical structure or wall, and may be used in conjunction with wall base.  Available in 78” lengths, they provide a subtle transition between wall base and hardwood flooring, or can be used under cabinet toe kicks where wall base won’t fit.


Seneca Millwork "Pass-it-on" warranty could not be more simple. We will match the warranty provided by the hardwood flooring manufacturer on any project where our hardwood transitions are used.