Flexible Moldings

The perfect companion to our quality hardwood products, we are introducing SignatureFlex™, our flexible molding products line designed for beautiful and intricate curved architecture.  Manufactured at approximately one third of the cost of curved wood moldings, it is the perfect solution for residential and commercial applications.

SignatureFlex moldings are manufactured from a flexible polyurethane material that provides superior strength and durability.  SignatureFlex moldings are water resistant and will not rot or swell unlike wood products that are susceptible to those issues when exposed to moisture.  All profiles can be painted and many can be stained, showcasing the beauty of real wood.  They can also be cut, fitted and fastened in the same manner as real wood.  They are applied using adhesive, mastic or resin epoxy glue.

SignatureFlex is flexible to accommodate almost any radius.  Our flexible moldings are available in 12’ lengths and in straight or precurved styles.   Straight pieces of flexible molding will not work for all applications.  In many cases, pre-bent molding may provide the best results.  We can help you determine which solution will work for your application – visit our flexible moldings web site for more information.

There is no minimum order size and we have unlimited custom capabilities from historic replicas to contemporary designs.  For more information and SignatureFlex product ordering, please visit www.signatureflex.com.