Natural Character

Inspired by Nature

We believe the beauty of authentic hardwood products lies in the natural variations of color and character markings such as streaks, knots and grain patterns.  It is these unique characteristics that give every piece its individual charm.  Because finish colors and stains take differently to these inherent characteristics, some natural light and dark areas may result.

Our products are protected with a high quality finish. Due to the natural aging process, the finish can deepen over time, darkening the color of the wood or creating a shadowing effect where objects may cover the wood prohibiting exposure to light. As a result, the distinct characteristics of the wood and finish, and the natural aging process, add to the unique appearance of our hardwood products. It may not be possible to exactly match the finish color of an existing product when adding new product at a later date.

We point out these unique characteristics of finishes and woods to remind you that each piece of wood is different and the varied effect of the finished product may appear different from that represented by a smaller sample.  The variations are broad and that is where the beauty of the natural character of wood lies.